Qualified payroll services for Bendigo clients

January 30, 2022

By outsourcing payroll services Bendigo clients reap the rewards of using bookkeeping experts who specialise in helping small to medium businesses.

At Accountable Business Solutions, we understand just how time consuming payroll can be. We also know how crucial it is for businesses to get their payroll details right.

And that’s where our highly qualified team can help. We have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver the quality payroll services Bendigo businesses rely on for a professional result.

Our services include setting up a payroll system, superannuation clearing house and single touch payroll (STP). We can process payroll for a diverse range of businesses either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We will also process STP and superannuation payments efficiently with the Australian Taxation Office, ensuring you remain compliant. With our team handling your payroll, you’ll have peace of mind you’re meeting PAYG responsibilities.

Risk mitigation

But why is payroll so important to your business? Well, without accurate payroll the financial integrity of your company can take an unwelcome hit. Payroll also centralises employee data, making it easily accessible, and ensures you stay compliant when it comes to relevant legislation. Accurate payroll also mitigates risk in areas including payroll fraud and security issues. Then there’s the fact it’s a useful tool for recognising absenteeism and turnover of employees.

The ABS team has provided a comprehensive range of payroll services to Bendigo businesses for years. From capably managing leave entitlements and keeping accurate staff attendance records to smoothly processing and paying employees, we’ve got you covered.

There’s also the added bonus that our bookkeepers are qualified accountants and software trainers. This gives you easy access to quality advice from a team that fully understands all the nuances of payroll services.

The bottom line? If you’re on the hunt for professional payroll services in Bendigo, turn to ABS. You won’t be disappointed.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on 03 5331 3118 for more information.


Payroll services for Bendigo businesses